Viafos V10 is a naturally occurring, non-synthetic, citric soluble and biologically available fertiliser sourced from deposits accumulated over thousands of years from large colonies of sea birds, seaweed and marine life.

Viafos V10 crop

Viafos V10 offers:

  • an efficient non-water soluble, citric soluble phosphate that dissolves with moisture 
  • minimal potential for leaching, run-off, and P lock-up risk in soil
  • a liming effect to stimulate soil biology and help release bound phosphate
  • a natural highly available source of phosphate released over an estimated 12 month period
  • an alkaline (non-acidic) phosphate with a pH of 8+
  • a strong liming effect from carbonates and hydroxides
  • efficient, effective and economical form of phosphate
  • very low levels of undesirable elements, esp. cadmium and mercury
  • a practical fertiliser for high aluminium and iron soils
  • a positive phosphate for the environment
  • improved nutrient balance to soil, plants and stock
  • NZ’s only Fertmark  approved guano phosphate

Fertmark Approved

BioGro Certified

IFOAM Accrediated

Product specification table

Symbol Nutrient or Element Measure Value ±
P Total Phosphorus % 10.25
CSP Citric Soluble Phosphorus % 3.0
WSP Water Soluble P per kg % 0.02
FSP Formic Soluble Phosphate % 5.4
Ca Calcium % 27.0
Mg Magnesium % 1.5
Fe Iron % 0.6
Si02 Silica Equivalent % 8.4
Al Aluminium % 0.5
S Sulphur % 0.5
Mn Manganese % 0.4
Zn Zinc % 0.22
I Iodine ppm 11.3
Cu Copper ppm 74.0
Co Cobalt ppm 8.4
Mo Molybdenum ppm 16.6
B Boron ppm 12.0
Cd Cadmium ppm 4.0
H20 Moisture % 4.4
pH Acidity/Alkalinity Alkaline 8.5
NPKS Expected % of NPKS % 0/10.25/0/0/5
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