Potash 22

Potassium is required as a key nutrient of soil and plants and often in large amounts, hence its classification as a macronutrient – third only to Nitrogen and Phosphorus.

Potash crop

Viafos Potash 22 offers:

  • a portion (52%) of non-water-soluble potassium  – providing a level of steady release potassium
  • a portion (48%) of quick-release water-soluble potassium without the harsh effect of potassium chloride on some sensitive plant roots
  • a beneficial fast-acting liming effect and lift in soil pH on the soil solution which a  to benefits soil biology and chemistry
  • high level of available amorphous Silica (SiO2) – benefitting grain crops and pest and disease resistance
  • a more beneficial form of potassium compared to other forms such as synthetically produced potassium
  • a vital supply of Potassium to assist with a plant’s general nutrient absorption
  • improvement in photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration, disease resistance and enzyme activity


Biogro Certified

Product specification table

Symbol Nutrient or Element Measure Value±
K Potassium (Carbonate) % 22
pH Acidity / Alkalinity Alkaline 11
CSK Citric Soluble Potassium % 52
WSK Water Soluble Potassium % 48
CA Calcium % 9.0
Mg Magnesium % 2.0
P Phosphorus % 1.0
SiO2 Silica Equivalent % 16
Al Aluminium & < 1.0
Cd Cadmium ppm <1.0
Cu Copper ppm 90
Zn Zinc ppm 150
NPK Expected % of NPK % 0/1/22
- Natural / Synthetic - Natural
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