MiSK provides a good combination of magnesium to support photosynthesis and sulphur for essential amino acids and other compounds. Its high water-solubility offers a slower release when applied in chip form and its powder form is ideal for low rate foliar application.

MiSK crop

Viafos MiSK offers:

  • provides a more stable nutrient balance
  • maintains better magnesium and potassium balance
  • sulphate component improves magnesium solubility
  • partners well with other fertilisers
  • can be used as a solid, or foliar fertiliser (offering immediate effect and no issues of soil lockup
  • is an excellent foliar fertiliser for viticulture 
  • has negligible chloride levels so is ideal for crop application
  • is free of chemical additives and low in heavy metal contaminants


BioGro Certified

IFOAM Accrediated

Product specification table

Symbol Nutrient or Element Measure Value ±
Mg Magnesium % 7.0
S Sulphur % 17
K Potassium % 20
Ca Calcium % 0.05
Na Sodium % 0.75
Fe Iron % 0.01
Cu Copper ppm <1.0
Mn Manganese ppm 2.0
Zn Zinc ppm 2.0
Co Cobalt ppm <1.0
Mo Molybdenum ppm <1.0
Se Selenium ppm <1.0
B Boron ppm 30
Cl Chloride ppm 1.8
Al Aluminium ppm 83
Si Silicon % <0.1
Si02 Silica Equavalent % <0.1
Cd Cadmium ppm 0.3
TC Total Carbon % 0.1
H20 Moisture % 4.5
pH Aciditiy / Alkalinity Alkaline 7.5
- Water Solubility % 98+
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