FosSul is a blend of natural phosphate and elemental sulphur in an easy to apply granular form to offer efficient and long term nutrient availability.

FosSul2 crop

Viafos FosSul offers:

  • a uniform application and steady phosphate and sulphur release for a more consistent growth pattern
  • a sulphur component to aid the release of phosphate even in high pH soils
  • crucial protein development and photosynthesis
  • phosphate and calcium for good legume performance and bone and teeth development in livestock
  • easy to spread via ground or air
  • low undesirable heavy metals especially cadmium, aluminium, lead and mercury
  • a natural liming effect with low levels of leaching
  • already blended to make life easier for application


Biogro Certified

Product specification table

Symbol Nutrient or Element Measure Value ±
P Phosphorus (Guano Phosphate) % 9.0
ES Elemental Sulphur % 4.8
SS Sulphate Sulphur % 1.5
pH Acidity / Alkalinity Alkaline 8.0
CSP Citric Soluble Phosphate % 3.0
Ca Calcium % 22
Si02 Silica Equivalent % 5.0
Mg0 Magnesium % 0.4
Cd Cadmium PPM 4
Cu Copper ppm 180
Zn Zinc ppm 1400
- Natural/Synthetic - Natural
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