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The Viafos range

At Viafos we work with you to improve the health of your soil – by providing a range of quality, nutrient rich natural fertilisers. Our core products are BioGro certified and our Viafos V10 is Fertmark  approved – the only Fertmark approved Guano Phosphate in New Zealand


Natural slow release phosphate

V10 Product Shot

V10 offers:

Natural non-acidic form of phosphate

Non-leaching and no run-off

Rich in calcium and trace element

NZ’s only Fert-Mark® approved guano phosphate

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Natural Phosphate and Sulphur

FosSul Product Shot

FosSul offers:

Excellent high country P and S fertilizer

Stimulates clover growth

Natural liming effect and non-leaching

Ideal for aerial applications 

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Potash 22

Potassium carbonate

Potash22 Product Shot

Potash 22 offers:

NZ's only natural potassium carbonate

Non acidic, providing plant available calcium

Rich in trace elements

Added biological benefits of humic acid and molasses

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LeaderSul 90

Elemental Sulphur

Leadersul90 Product Shot

LeaderSul 90 offers:

Sulphur for short and long term plant and soil needs

Unlocks tied up phosphate

Improves nutrient density of crops

90% elemental sulpur

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Natural Phosphate + Potassium + Sulphur

KPlus Product 2

K-PluS offers:

Natural combination of phosphate, potassium and sulphur

Well suited for drilling providing a good nutrient kick start

Non acidic, not harmfull to germination process

Rich in trace elements and calcium

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Magnesium + Sulphur + Potassium

MisK Product Shot V2

MiSK offers:

Natural blend of Magnesium, Sulphur and Potassium

Powder form for excellent foliar fertilizer with no soil lock-up

Chip form for immediate response in pastoral situations

Excellent nutrient source for leaf or fruiting crops

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BioGro and Fertmark

BioGro and Fertmark offers:

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