K-PluS combines Viafos’ popular V10 and Potash22 products meaning users gain the collective benefit of a part fast, part slow release of guano phosphate, potassium and sulphur.

KPlus crop

Viafos K-PluS offers:

  • offers a slow partial liming effect on the soil solution 
  • lifts soil pH – benefiting soil biology and chemistry
  • has a high level of amorphous Silica (SiO2) – which can benefit grain crops and plant pest and disease resistance
  • is a more beneficial form of K compared to other forms including synthetically produced potassium 
  • combines fast release with a small amount of longer-term steady supply potassium and without the harsh effect of potassium chloride on sensitive plant roots or salinity of the soil solution.

BioGro Certified

IFOAM Accrediated

Product specification table

Symbol Nutrient or Element Measure Value ±
K Potassium (Carbonate) % 7.5
P Phosphorus (Guano Phosphate) % 6.0
S Sulphur % 4.87
pH Acidity / Alkalinity % 9.0
CSP Citric Soluble Phosphorus % 2.2
CSK Citric Soluble Potassium % 2.2
WSK Water Soluble Potassium % 2.0
Ca Calcium % 22
SiO2 Silica Equivalent % 13
Mg Magnesium % 0.03
Cd Cadmium ppm 5.0
Cu Copper ppm 150
Zn Zinc ppm 900
NPK Expected % of NPK % 0/6/8
- Natural / Synthetic - Natural
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