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At Viafos we think a little differently, we believe nature is the best at what it does. So let’s use it.

We're Viafos

Viafos is an importer of natural fertiliser products, sold through a nationwide network of retailers and independent soil consultants servicing agriculture, viticulture and horticulture. In fact, all land-associated practices.

Being a New Zealand company, Viafos takes pride in our land and people. Both are intrinsically connected through the food we eat, so it's important that we offer values which proactively benefit the environment as well  as consumers at home and via our food exports to the World.


The Viafos difference

We hold a deep belief that our products contribute to a healthier New Zealand. After all, we are what we eat and we know natural is better. Lower toxicity and heavy metal concentrations is just a better deal for plants, stock and consumers.  

That's why Viafos products are created and applied to improve the health of plants, stock, family and consumers by providing natural fertiliser solutions.


Viafos for you

Viafos offers key advantages over other phosphate forms, especially superphosphate. It is friendly to the all-important soil biology, alkaline not acid, citrate rather than water soluble and supplies the majority of its phosphate over 12 months – so considerably longer that super and less than RPR.

If you are keen to benefit from using natural fertilsers then contact us today. We're just a phone call away – 0800 842 367 – or click here to find your nearest retailer.


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