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The Viafos Equation

= A naturally healthier New Zealand

The Viafos Effect

Congratulations to Ashley and Warwick Seaton

At Viafos we think a little differently, we believe nature is the best at what it does. So let’s use it.

We're Viafos.

Viafos is an importer of natural fertiliser products, sold through a nationwide network of re-sellers and independent soil consultants servicing agriculture, viticulture and horticulture. In fact, all land-associated practices.

Being a New Zealand company, Viafos takes pride in our land and people. Both are intrinsically connected through the food we eat, so it's important that we offer values which proactively benefit the environment as well  as consumers at home and via our food exports to the World.

We hope one day that consumers will be able to purchase products and goods from their grocery outlets that reflect the inputs that have been used to grow the contents. Obvioulsy we have organics however biologically (smarter farming) grown products with minimal chemical inclusion would be a great next step. See our Viafos Equation, it's who we are! 


The Viafos difference

We hold a deep belief that our products contribute to a healthier New Zealand. After all, we are what we eat and we know natural is better. Lower toxicity and heavy metal concentrations is  just a better deal for plants, stock and consumers.  

That's why Viafos products are created and applied to improve the health of soil, plants, stock, family and consumers

The Viafos range

The Viafos range consists of Guano Phosphate, Potassium, Magnesium Sulphur, blends and more. Our core products are BioGro certified (see certifications) and our Viafos V10 Phosphate is Fertmark approved – the only Fertmark approved Guano Phosphate in New Zealand. Most of our products are supplied to biological and conventional farming operations as well as organic producers.


Helping you....

  • Link market trends to on-farm practices
  • Future-proof the family farm
  • Contribute to environmental responsibility
  • Understand agronomic benefits 
  • Transition to more sustainable chemical free practices 

Where you can find Viafos Products

We're just a phone call away 0800 842 367

How you can join the Viafos family

We are always keen to grow our network of independent fertilisers, retailers and soil consultants so please contact Viafos if you are interested in promoting our products.


Our Community

Our Community

Viafos products are sustainably mined in the greater Surabaya area of Jawa, Indonesia. As individuals and as a company we care about ethically sourced products and wish to minimize the footprint we leave on our land and our people, both in New Zealand and abroad.

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Viafos Fertiliser

Viafos products, created and applied to improve soil, plants, stock, and consumer health.

Viafos is easy to use, with low application rates and a slower smooth release of P.

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img paul ruddenklau

“I have used Viafos for the past three years mainly at sowing for all my crops including wheat, triticale and new grass plus brassicas. I have been pleased with the yields and health of the crops and stock. It certainly gets the crop off to a good start.”

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